All items shipped to the USA below $800 are duty-free; we do not charge sales tax!

When the order value is below $800, on the day of shipment, excluding shipping costs, there are no additional import duties or extra taxes to be paid upon arrival. The price you pay on Fashion Flow Vienna is the final price.

If the costs of goods are above $800, on the day of shipment, excluding shipping costs, you very likely need to pay customs duties. 

Above $2500, there is a Formal Entry needed with exceptional handling. Thus, it is impossible to ship items valued above $2500 with regular post (USPS). For more information regarding a Formal Entry, click here.


Duty rates differ based on product, construction, material choice, and country of origin. Habitually, there will be a percentage markup, a fixed markup, e.g., 1$ per kg, a combination of percentage and fixed markup or no duties.


To check the current duty rate, click here to land on the U.S. International Trade Commission website and type in the generic word you are looking for.

For example, you are looking to determine the rate of leather shoes with a Goodyear or Blake construction.
First, the HTS code for welt footwear is 6403.59.30
Choosing section: For men
Then you need to validate the leather choice; with pigskin uppers, the HTS code would be 6403.59.3020. As we are primarily selling shoes not made of pigskin, choose: Other
Thus, the HTS code for, e.g., Goodyear calfskin leather shoes is 6403.59.3040
Currently, the general (1) duty rate is 5%.


Please consolidate the U.S. International Trade Commission or contact us if you need precise details on specific items to determine exact rates. 

Additionally, there will be very likely a processing fee from the freight company added to the duties that needed to be paid. Please consolidate FedEx, DHL Express, or USPS in advance to gather that information. We encountered that the best method is to set up an account with each company and let them charge directly on your account to save (some) collection fees like disbursement or brokerage fees. Please provide us in advance with your account number so we can adequately file out export documents.


Not sure how much shipping costs are, or how long you can return the items? Click here to check our shipping rates and here to observe our return policy.

Thank you for choosing Fashion Flow Vienna