Ciro Paone founded Kiton in 1968; the name was derived from the Greek word chiton, a tunic worn to pray for the gods. Kiton's headquarter is located outside of Naples, Italy, and the Ciro Paone S.P.A. umbrella company was created in 1990. The company gradually grew and excessively broadened its merchandise assortment to reach a complete designer brand status, e.g., introduced eye in 2015 and 2018 athleisure. Despite the global growth, the company is still owned and controlled by the Paone family. The ownership structure of the Ciro Paone S.P.A. is Antonio Paone (9%), Raffaella Paone (31.50%), Maria Giovanna Paone (31.50%), Silverio Paone (9%), Antonio de Matteis (9%), and others (10%). Despite offering women's collections, this brand is known for its exquisite men's assortment.